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Dutch GP launches app, digital platform en visual identity

The Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix is ready for the fan experience of tomorrow. The Dutch Grand Prix organisation is introducing a revamped app, visual identity, and online platform using new digital technology to respond to the constantly changing needs of fans.

On 14 May 2019 June, the Dutch Grand Prix (DutchGP) organisation announced the return of Formula 1 to Circuit Zandvoort. TThe popular event is sold out for the third time in a row in 2023 and, after two editions, the DutchGP is unmissable on the Formula 1 racing calendar for both Dutch and international fans. To maintain and further expand that position, the organisation wants to be ready for tomorrow in all areas, including fan experience and engagement.

Not bigger, but more distinctive

At the recent media meeting ahead of the third edition of the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix at CM.Com Circuit Zandvoort, managing director Robert van Overdijk spoke about the challenges facing Dutch race promoters. Van Overdijk mentioned the internal motto -Ready for tomorrow-, as a guideline for the entire organisation in preparation for the next three editions in 2023, 2024 and 2025.

We don’t so much want it to be bigger or more exclusive, but above all we want to stand out. We are like no other. This is in many aspects, but especially in our fans. We want to continue to engage them – Robert van Overdijk

Every fan front row

The DutchGP marketing team took inspiration from top sports organisations at home and abroad. Verheij continued by explaining that “This new digital live environment can be compared to a kind of ‘match centre’, the digital place for all fans who want to receive digital live content and follow the event closely. We facilitate fans at home and abroad, including an English version. In addition, we deliberately use the DutchGP-App for ticket holders who are physically at the circuit. That app contains a lot of practical information about the event, but also gives access to exclusive content. Plus, that app also includes your digital entry ticket, more advice on transport and, among other things, the latest updates on program and where what is happening on the event grounds.”

“With this evolution of our digital landscape, we also provide new commercial opportunities for current and future partners at the same time. An updated app and platform simply gives us new opportunities for visibility in advertising and branded content as an extension of the experience and visibility at and around our event,” said Teun Verheij

Like no other, also when it is about the digital customer experience

The basis of all fan communication is the database and the associated marketing platform, set up with partner CM.com. Using this database with more than 850,000 profiles, we can communicate in a very targeted, fast and easy way.

Using the DutchGP App (100k+ users), e-mail and WhatsApp (170k unique conversations), our content can be quickly personified and made accessible. If only because a ticket holder has different information needs than fans watching the race at home on the couch. Our website can now also move with this.

In 2022, over 1.8 million unique visitors visited the Dutch Grand Prix website. The platform is expected to play an increasing role as part of the digital customer experience. In doing so, the DutchGP deliberately focuses not only on fans who have managed to get tickets. For those fans and followers, both in the Netherlands and abroad, the new app and the new online platform offer an enhanced digital live experience. All this in the updated house style that is even more in line with the new Formula 1 era, and that also fully embraces the orange and festival feel of the DutchGP.

DGP organisation assisted by two external agencies

The concept and direction of this rebranding and online repositioning lies with the Dutch Grand Prix marketing team. In addition, two external agencies are involved; namely Studio Luko for the rebranding and Sumedia for building the online environment. Furthermore, event supporter CM.com is responsible for the database and the DGP app.

Head of Marketing, Communications and Media, Dutch Grand Prix, Teun Verheij comments:

“We want to keep up with the growing attention and digital needs of fans. We are moving towards an digital environment that adapts throughout the year to the fans’ experience and needs based on the race calendar. We apply: Pre race, Live race, Post race. In other words, we offer the home fans a digital, dynamic experience and let them partly experience what it is like to sit on the front row at Zandvoort. The result should start delivering a better customer service and customer experience. In this way, we let our new digital solutions contribute optimally to the further hyper-personalisation of our content in order to serve every fan based on personal preferences. “