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  • Are electric charging points available at the parking lots?

    As we expect many visitors who will park in many different parking lots, we cannot provide electric charging points. So keep this in mind when you travel to and from the circuit.

  • Are my tickets personalized/on name?

    All tickets will have to be registered by name before they can be sent, this can be done online in the course of 2020. Weekend and passe-partout tickets can have a different name on every day. Only then will you receive your tickets shortly before the event. The buyer remains responsible at all times for the correct use of the tickets.

  • Are there also 3-year tickets for sale?

    Dutch GP greatly values loyal race fans and therefore will make available tickets for 3-year purchases on every grandstand and in all categories. In the request portal you can select your purchase for 1 or 3 years in the option section. 3-year requests can only be made for your full request. (Tickets can be paid in installments). If the available 3-year tickets are no longer available a ticket for the 2020 edition will automatically be considered if the ballot warrants this.

  • Are there any TV screens on the circuit?

    We try to provide TV screens at all the stands at Circuit Zandvoort, so that the race can be followed at all times. For the dunes, unfortunately, this does not apply to all places.

  • Are there disabled parking places available at the circuit?

    With each disabled access card, one parking ticket for one car / minibus in the vicinity of the circuit can be requested. These parking tickets can be purchased after you have paid for your entrance tickets. You will automatically receive a message about this via the organization. There are additional costs associated with parking. More information about this will follow later.

  • Are there places available for the disabled?

    Yes, the possibility to request a disabled ticket (+1 supervisor) is included in the application process. We also expect a high demand for disabled tickets. If the demand for tickets outnumber the tickets that are available, the tickets will be appointed via a lottery.

  • Are there special kids tickets available?

    Yes, there are special kids tickets available. These kids tickets are available in the category General Admission and bronze. The kids tickets are available in every product type (single day ticket, weekend ticket or passe partout). Check the prices via Kids tickets are only available for a limited number of people and a ballot will be cast if needed. Only if the entire request (i.e. kids ticket and adult ticket) is available, the request will be allocated.

  • Are tickets available for supervisors / personal assistants for disabled people?

    Yes, you can indicate a place for a supervisor in the application process for each disabled person. You are allowed a maximum of one supervisor per disabled person.

  • Can I bring food and drink to the circuit?

    It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the event. There are plenty of catering facilities on site. If you follow a strict diet it is allowed to bring your own food/drinks. In this case, please bring a document with you to prove this. This is to prevent misunderstandings at the door.

  • Can I buy a parking ticket?

    Various P+R areas will be created where racing fans can park their cars. These areas are located at a distance from the circuit. Shuttle buses run between the circuit and the car park to transport racing fans to and from the circuit. A parking ticket is required for this. These will be for sale at a later time. The ticket holders will receive a message about this by email.

  • Can I buy a souvenir ticket?

    If you are one of the lucky racing fans with an assigned ticket, you will be given the option to purchase a souvenir ticket during the payment process. The price per ticket is €12.50 incl. VAT. A souvenir ticket is a beautiful and unique reminder of the race, but at the same time serves as an official admission ticket. You can choose to take the souvenir ticket to the circuit or your digital e-ticket. The barcode on both tickets is identical and can only be scanned once. At the moment we are working hard on how our souvenir tickets will look like. We count on it to be a real collectors item with cool extra features. In the course of 2019 you will hear more about this from us.

  • Can I buy a souvenir ticket?

    Yes it is possible! The souvenir ticket is a unique ticket for the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix! A nice memory for the fan to never forget that you were there. Once your requested tickets have been allocated, you will be given the opportunity to choose a souvenir ticket at the time of payment! Please note that there are extra costs involved.  More information will follow.

  • Can I change my personal details after purchasing my tickets?

    From the beginning of 2020, tickets for the Dutch GP can be personalized. During this process, the personal details of the ticket holders can be adjusted. After personalisation, the tickets will be sent to the person who received the order confirmation.

  • Can I choose a seat in my preferred stand?

    No, you can only indicate a desired grandstand in the request. The seat will be allocated automatically in the run-up to the event, you cannot indicate a preference for this. If you have requested and been assigned more than one ticket for the same grandstand, the seats will be located next to each other.

  • Can I come by train to Zandvoort?

    Yes you can, we will share more information about this with ticket holders in the course of 2019.

  • Can I forward the payment link?

    Yes, this is possible. You can forward the payment link to someone else. When the payment has been made, you, as the applicant, will receive confirmation of the tickets and you, as the ticket holder of the tickets, will remain in the system.

  • Can I pay for my tickets in periods?

    Yes, it is possible to pay for your tickets in periods. Tickets for 2020 can be paid in 3 periods and tickets for 3 years in 9 periods. You can find all the details on staggered payment in our general terms and conditions.

  • Can I pay for my tickets later?
  • Can I resell my tickets?

    The resale of tickets or offering them in any other commercial manner is strictly forbidden. In the event of (any attempt to) resell tickets or to make commercial use of them in contravention of the organizer’s conditions of sale, Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix is entitled to declare the applications/tickets in question invalid.

  • Can I return, cancel and/or get a refund on my tickets after purchase?

    Once you have paid for your tickets, you will not be able to cancel or return them. From the moment of purchase there is a 100% cancellation fee. Only in case of cancellation of the entire event other conditions may apply. Please refer to our general and booking conditions in the application portal.

  • Can I still change my assigned tickets?

    It is not possible to change your assigned tickets.

  • Can I use my grand stand ticket to enter the zone general admission?

    Due to the limited capacity, it is not possible to enter the general admission zone with a grand stand ticket. However, it is possible to visit the general zones, such as the fan zone.

  • Can I volunteer?

    No event can be organized without volunteers! EventMakers is the Dutch platform for volunteers in sports events and will be taking care of the volunteer management regarding the F1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort. The recruitment of volunteers for the event will start around October. Are you already enthusiastic and are you sure you do not want to miss out on the Dutch Grand Prix? Register as EventMaker on and add in the comments fields of your profile that you want to volunteer for the F1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix. For questions and remarks you can reach the volunteer managers via

  • Can someone else make my payment?

    If you are unable to complete the payment due to holiday or other circumstances, it is possible to forward the payment link to someone else by email. You remain the owner of the tickets. Please keep in mind that the payment is completed before the set deadline.

  • Could I spend the night in a camper on the parking lot (in Zandvoort or at P&R)?

    No, staying overnight in a (temporary) parking lot is prohibited. More information about accommodation options for people with caravans and campers will follow as soon as possible and will be communicated via our newsletter and on our website.

  • Do I need to be able to identify myself at the entrance of the circuit?

    Yes, all people must be able to identify themselves and be willing to undergo a search when entering the events area. The name on the ID must match with the name associated with the ticket.

  • How can I buy a ticket?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to request or buy a ticket at this moment.

    All registered racing fans had the opportunity to request tickets from June 25th until July 9th 2019. The unique personal link could be redeemed once, whereby a maximum of 6 tickets could be requested. All requests within the mentioned period had an equal chance of being awarded.

    If tickets become available at a later time, we will communicate this via our website.

  • How do I get from the Zandvoort station to the circuit?

    From Zandvoort station you can walk to the circuit in less than a kilometer. Taking a bike on the train is not allowed due to the expected crowds.

  • How many tickets are available?

    It is yet unknown how many tickets will be available, but expectations are for the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix to be sold out quickly. Therefore, it was advised to fans to register between 27 May and 16 June 2019. After registration, you are certain that you have a chance to request tickets.

  • How many tickets can I buy?

    You can apply for a maximum of 6 tickets per person. Only one application (with a maximum of 6 tickets) per email address is allowed.

  • How many tickets can I request as a disabled person for the accessibility platform?

    Every disabled person can request one ticket for him/herself and one ticket for an accompanying person. A maximum of 6 tickets (including accompanying tickets) can be requested per order.

    In order to welcome as many disabled people as possible during the event, it is unfortunately not possible to request more than one accompanying ticket for the platform/tribune. Other friends and family are requested to apply for a ticket to one of the adjacent stands or dune areas. Disabled tickets are only available for a limited number of people, in case of overbooking a lottery draw will be held here as well.

  • I have been assigned tickets in a different category or in a different grandstand from the one I requested. Can this be restored?

    The organisation strives to give every racing fan his or her first choice of tickets. If you have chosen the option to extend your ticket selection during your request, you will also be included in the other categories if your first choice is no longer available. This cannot be changed after the allocation.

  • I want to buy fewer tickets than I’ve been assigned.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the number of tickets assigned to you. You will have to purchase the entire allocation.

  • Is it also possible for disabled people to apply for tickets at a different location?

    This organisation provides special facilities in the area of accessibility by means of the ‘accessibility platform’, which will consist of wheelchairs and seats. The Fanzone is also accessible for wheelchair users. All other stands and dune areas can be accessed on their own if desired and the visitor is in possession of a valid ticket, there are no extra facilities available and these may be difficult to reach for disabled visitors due to their location.

  • Is it possible to buy tickets via Marktplaats or a similar website?

    We strongly advise you not to buy tickets via any channel other than or the official resellers listed on our website. Currently, no resellers have been appointed and is the only channel for official entrance tickets.

    For tickets purchased via unknown channels (e.g. Marktplaats or ticket websites) it is impossible to determine whether these tickets are real. Buying tickets above the set price by the Dutch GP is unwise at all times, because this is not allowed and therefore these tickets will be declared invalid by the Dutch GP.

    For people who really cannot use their tickets, there are sufficient options to resell the tickets in a reliable way via the Dutch GP resell platform that will be launched in 2020 or to friends and acquaintances at a normal price.

  • Is it possible to park my bike in Zandvoort?

    There are various options for parking your bicycle in Zandvoort. There are specially equipped bicycle parking places near Circuit Zandvoort. The exact locations will be published on a later date.

  • Is it possible to place two separate requests together on a grandstand?

    Each request for a maximum of 6 tickets in the same grandstand and in the same price category will be seat together, provided that the request is received as one. Dutch GP cannot guarantee that several separately requested and allocated tickets will be together in the grandstand.

  • Is it safe to buy Dutch GP tickets via other channels?

    Dutch GP expects to appoint a number of official resellers soon. These resellers will be listed on our website. We recommend that you do not purchase tickets via any channel other than and the official resellers mentioned. Only when you have requested and received tickets through our website or one of our resellers are you assured of a valid ticket. Currently, no resellers have been appointed and is the only channel for official entrance tickets.

  • My personal details are not correct, how can I change them?

    Send an e-mail to to change your personal details. Please include your order number in the e-mail.

  • My tickets have not been allocated, do I still have a chance to win tickets at a later date?

    Given the enormous interest in the Dutch GP, the organisation will be considering making extra capacity available in the coming weeks. Ofcourse this depends on many factors, but in the end Dutch GP wants to make as many racing fans as possible happy in a responsible way.

  • Wat should I do if I lost the e-mail with my personal request link?

    Use this link to fill in your email address with which you registered before June 17, 2019. You will not receive an e-mail if you have not registered before this date.

    Vraag opnieuw aan

  • What are General Admission tickets?

    These tickets give you access to the general admission zones around the circuit. Unlike the other tickets, they do not give you a seat on one of the stands. It is also not self-evident that tickets in a grandstand give access to the General Admission zones. You can see where these zones are located here.

  • What are the prices of the tickets?

    Click here for an overview of all the prices. The prices are calculated including 9% VAT. The handling fee is calculated including 21% VAT.

  • What happens if I don’t pay?

    If you have made a final request, you will have to pay for the tickets if they are allocated within the payment period of 5 working days. It is not possible to pay in any other way than via the payment link. If you do not fulfil this obligation, you will unfortunately not be able to comply with the agreement made with the organisation. Because of this, the organization has the right to enforce the payment by operation of law.

  • What if my group has been assigned more than one request?

    The Dutch GP will treat each request separately and will not take into account any double requested tickets. We have advised to request one ticket for each person in order to give as many racing fans as possible the chance to be there in 2020.

    If you have made multiple requests that have been allocated, you will have to pay for the tickets. Check the terms and conditions for the payment terms and conditions. If you don’t want to use your tickets, you can offer them to friends or others at the value on the card. If you don’t know anyone who wants to buy a ticket, you can offer the ticket on the official Dutch GP resale platform at the beginning of 2020.

  • What is a resell platform?

    The resell platform allows fans who do not wish to use their cards to offer them to other fans through an official channel. More information will follow in the course of 2019.

  • What is the best way to come to circuit Zandvoort?

    The Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix is best reached on foot, by bike (possibly in combination with remote parking) or by bike. In cooperation with the Dutch Railways (NS), the train will be the most attractive means of transport to travel to Circuit Zandvoort. After allocation of your tickets you will receive further information and offers for accommodation and travel options from us.

  • What is the minimum age?

    The minimum age to attend the event independently is 16 years. The minimum age to buy tickets is 18 years.

  • What is the official channel for buying tickets? is the only official ticket platform where tickets for the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix are offered for sale. Given that ticket sales have not yet started, official tickets cannot be purchased anywhere at the moment. We strongly advise against buying tickets from any other source. The only way to be sure of obtaining a valid ticket is if you apply for it and receive it via our website. As the official Event Supporter of the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix, CM.COM is the only party that is authorized to offer tickets for sale in the Netherlands. This also applies to hospitality and other ticket-inclusive packages.

  • What should I do if I do not prefer a grandstand and/or category?

    In order to give as many racing fans as possible the chance to joint the Dutch GP, we ask you to request your desired tickets in a category on a grandstand. Based on the request, the tickets will be allocated or not. You cannot complete a request without indicating for which grandstand/category you would like to request tickets.

  • When am I entitled to a disabled ticket?

    Applicants for disabled tickets are required, after allocation of their tickets, to email a certificate of disability to the organization. The certificate of disability must be a document that is generally accepted in the Netherlands. This may be an official disabled parking ticket issued by a Dutch municipality. If you don’t have an official disabled parking card, we ask you to send a doctor’s certificate. More information about sending the documents will follow after allocation of the tickets.


  • When do I have to pay?

    If your tickets have been assigned, you will receive a payment link on Wednesday 24 July 2019. From the day of receipt (by email) you have 5 working days to make this payment. The payment link will be sent on July 23, 2019 to all allocated applicants via the email address we know. Please note that in this period you will have to pay for the tickets for the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix. For example, take the identifier of your bank with you when you go on holiday and make sure your friends have paid their ticket.

  • When do I have to personalize the tickets?

    Registering your tickets on the correct name has to be done at a later time. You will be notified of this later. Please note that this will be in the first quarter of 2020.

  • When do I receive my tickets?

    Tickets are expected to be sent digitally or by courier between February and April 2020 (in case you bought a souvenir ticket). You will receive more information about the exact date and method of sending the tickets at the beginning of 2020.

  • When does the resell platform go live?

    The expectation is early 2020.

  • When will I receive my tickets?

    After the payment has been completed you will receive a confirmation email. You will receive your tickets around April 2020. You will first need to register your tickets in your name. More information will follow.

  • When will the F1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix take place?

    The exact date for the event has not yet been announced. The FOM will communicate the date in August or September. However, it has been indicated that the Dutch Grand Prix is expected to take place in the month of May of 2020.

  • Where can I get hold of official hospitality packages?

    Official hospitality packages are only obtainable via Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix. If you are interested, click here.

  • Where can I meet other friends or family as a disabled person?

    The Fanzone is accessible to all ticket holders. This is the most suitable place for groups to meet each other.

  • Where can I park as a disabled fan?

    With each disabled access card, one parking ticket for one car / minibus in the vicinity of the circuit can be requested. These parking tickets can be purchased after you have paid for your entrance tickets. You will automatically receive a message about this via the organization. There are additional costs associated with parking. More information about this will follow later.

  • Where can I park?

    Parking in Zandvoort and the surrounding area is not possible! Parking is only possible at a distance from Zandvoort. Detailed information about remote parking will follow on a later date. In any case, we offer options for so-called Park & Bike (remote parking and the continuation with your own bicycle, loan or rental bike) or the traditional Park & Ride (parking and shuttle bus).

  • Where can I request tickets?

    The application process to request tickets for the F1 Dutch Grand Prix will start on Tuesday 25 June at 12:00 (CEST). All fans who have registered via will receive a unique link by email on Monday the 24th of June that will give them access to the F1 Dutch Grand Prix ticket portal. The link is linked to the combination of your email address and telephone number. The portal remains open until Tuesday 9 July 12.00 (CEST) and there is therefore no hurry to apply directly on the 25th. Registered race fans can use the full 2 weeks for their application.

  • Where is the disabled platform located?

    The platform for the disabled is located in the last curve before the straight. This is indicated in the map as ‘accessibility platform’. The prices for the disabled platform are equal to the price category Bronze II.

  • Where will the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix 2020 take place?

    Circuit Zandvoort, Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108, 2041 KP Zandvoort.

  • Which ticket categories are available?

    Click here for an overview of the ticket categories.

  • Will there be (extra) tickets available on a later date?

    If the event is not sold out after the application fase or extra tickets become available at a later stage, we will inform people of this opportunity and the way in which these tickets will be offered for sale via our newsletter and website.

  • Will there be an official resell platform for tickets?

    Yes, if you don’t want or can’t use your assigned tickets, you can offer them in 2020 through the official resell platform of Dutch GP. More information will follow later in 2019.