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Unieke kijkjes achter de schermen
Unieke kijkjes achter de schermen
Unieke kijkjes achter de schermen
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Tickets 2024/2025
When does the ticket sale start for 2024 and 2025?

The Dutch Grand Prix organization expects high demand due to the popularity of Formula 1 and particularly of Max Verstappen. The ticket sales procedure will commence on August 17, starting with a pre-sale for people who have a ticket for the 2023 race. Other fans will have the opportunity to apply for tickets starting from August 25 until the 8th of September.

Read more on this page.

What are the ticket prices for 2024 & 2025?

You can find all ticket prices on this page or take a look at our pricing grid.

Where can I buy disability tickets?

Keep an eye on our website for the latest news regarding disabled tickets. At the moment these are not on sale. These sales will be through our partner HandicapNL.

Where can I find the General booking terms and conditions?

The General Ticket & Booking Terms and Conditions for the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix 2024 & 2025 can be found on this page.

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What is the MyDGP-platform?

In the MyDGP-platform, the main booker can personalise their ordered tickets for 2023. Go to https://shop.ticketing.cm.com/dutch-grand-prix/ to get access to the MyDGP-platform. Please note: only the main booker can personalise tickets. Once all tickets from the order have been personalised, the tickets will become available in the MyDGP environment two weeks before the event.

Why can't I login into my MyDGP-account?

The main booker of the tickets ordered should log in with the e-mail address with which the tickets were purchased at the time. Should this fail unexpectedly, you can request a new password. Does it still not work? Then send an e-mail with your order number, used e-mail address and name to our ticket partner CM.com at support@cmtickets.com.

I am not the main booker, but I want a MyDGP account. Is that possible?

As soon as a ticket is personalised, you will receive an e-mail about it. With the e-mail address used, you can create a MyDGP account. With your account, you will automatically receive updates about the 2023 event. You can create a MyDGP account with the email address known to us at https://shop.ticketing.cm.com/dutch-grand-prix/.

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What is a resell platform?

If you have tickets for the Dutch Grand Prix in 2023, but you don’t want to use them, you can safely sell them to other racing fans on the official resell platform. You can always withdraw your ticket(s) from sale, until another race fan has bought your ticket(s). After the sale you will receive the ticket selling price minus €10,00 administration costs per ticket within 10 working days on your bank account or credit card.

Please note: The resell platform is not for campaign tickets and it is not possible to offer previously purchased tickets on the resell platform again.

How can I use the resell platform?

Everyone who has purchased a ticket can use the resell platform. For now, the resell platform is closed, but it will open again next year.

If you have a ticket personalized to your name, but you did not buy it yourself, it is unfortunately not possible to resell the tickets. Selling your ticket(s) on the resell platform can be done via the MyDGP platform. On this platform you will find the resell platform via the button ‘Resell’ at the top of the menu bar. Click here to buy a ticket for the Dutch Grand Prix resell platform.

Is it safe to buy tickets via other platforms than dutchgp.com?

De Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix has appointed the following official resellers for 2024-2025:

  • F1tickets.com
  • Goo Tickets
  • Verstappen Travel
  • XS2Events
  • F1 Experiences

We strongly advise you to only purchase tickets or packages from Dutch GP or these authorized resellers to ensure that you have official tickets. If you buy from another reseller or on the black market, you run the risk of receiving counterfeit tickets, tickets issued multiple times, and/or being denied entry at the gates. Dutch Grand Prix actively takes measures against resellers who act in violation of our terms, and we block hundreds of tickets each year that have been resold in an unauthorized manner.

How can I resell my tickets?

It is strictly prohibited to resell a ticket, or to offer a ticket in any other commercial way. Transferring or reselling tickets to other natural persons (whose information is linked to the tickets on-line) is allowed, provided that:

– the admission tickets are for personal use;
– such resell is never performed for a fee higher than the published price of the ticket at www.dutchgp.com, potentially increased by a handling fee as paid by the ticket owner; and
– the new ticket holder accepts the general terms and conditions as published on this website.

The person who has been allocated the tickets is at all times responsible for the correct use of the tickets. In the event of (attempted) resale or commercial use contrary to the terms and conditions of the organiser, Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix is entitled to invalidate the relevant applications/tickets.
The tickets can be offered for sale through the official resell platform.

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538 Village

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Where is the Official 538 Dutch Grand Prix Village located and how can I get there?

The Official 538 Dutch Grand Prix Village is located at Duintjesveldweg 3 in Zandvoort.

Check the website (click here) for transportation options to get to the circuit. In addition to these travel options, it is possible for guests of the Official 538 Dutch Grand Prix Village to use Kiss & Ride. For arrivals this can be done on Thursday, August 24th from 11:00 – 22:00 and for departures it can be done until Monday, August 28th, 12:00. The Kiss & Ride service can be optionally added in the web shop.

I am disabled/wheelchair-dependent. Can I go to the Official 538 Dutch Grand Prix Village?

If you would like more information, please contact the organization at village@dutchgp.com so we can look at the possibilities together.

What are the house rules of the Official 538 Dutch Grand Prix Village? 

You can find the house rules of the Official 538 Dutch Grand Prix Village here!

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