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Koop nu jouw tickets via het officiële Dutch Grand Prix resell platform

On this platform, tickets can be offered directly to other race fans at home and abroad. The tickets will then become available in the webshop on, where interested race fans can buy these tickets at the original ticket price. The resell platform will be open until the event. Check out the offer now!

Resell platform

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Advantages Resell platform

Are you unexpectedly unable to attend the event? In that case, the main booker can offer the ticket in an official and secure way on the official resell platform. In addition, there will be tickets available on the platform that were actually sold out.

Official resellers Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix

Do not buy tickets through unofficial channels! Only the webshops below are affiliated with the Dutch Grand Prix. If you have bought tickets through another chain, you have no guarantee that your ticket is valid. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this.

* Motorsport Tickets
* Goo Tickets
* Der Touristik
* Rapido Travel / Top Tours
* GP Ticketshop
* BeResor
* F1 Experiences
* Grand Prix Events
* Grand Prix Tickets
* K-Rejser
* Verstappen Travel