Inclusiveness and our immediate environment (Zandvoort/Noord-Holland/Nederland)

Ambition: An event for everyone, with an eye for our immediate surroundings.

The Dutch Grand Prix 2022 is one of the events cooperating with HandicapNL. With the ‘Unlimited Party’ programme, we ensure that 100 disabled people are not only able to enjoy the race from the best seats on the circuit. They can also make use of customised care facilities. Of course, there is also the option to stay at the campsite and experience the entire race weekend.

Residents’ day
For the residents of Zandvoort and Bentveld we will open the gates of the circuit on Thursday. They can come and have a look around the grounds, including various activities, free of charge. In this way we try to contribute to their pride in their race.

Jumbo Super Friday
Thanks to our partner Jumbo, it is possible to visit the free practices on Friday with a 50% discount. This makes visiting Formula 1 accessible for everyone. / Voedselbank
Dutch Grand Prix supports the LINDA.Foundation. This is done by means of the Grand Prix Lottery 50% of the income goes to the foundation, which works together with the food bank. They provide gift vouchers that less fortunate families can use in various shops for Christmas shopping. The also offers fifty race fans from underprivileged families free admission to the free practice session on Friday. An unforgettable experience for everyone!

For five by the selected children the Sunday will be very special. They will become Grid Kids and meet their idols in person.