A positive impact on the nature around us

The Dutch Grand Prix wants to have a positive net influence on the nature around us. Waste disposal, water points, recycling, nature initiatives are the key words for this section.

Ambition: Don’t disturb but enhance.

Nature initiative
There is a nature area with historical value around the Circuit. In order to highlight this, CM.Com, Circuit Zandvoort and Dutch Grand Prix have joined forces with PWN to upgrade the Visserspad. As a result, visitors learn more about the natural history of this path.

In principle, we buy materials for at least three years. If we no longer use them due to changes in the organisation, we see what can be done with them through recycling. A good example are the advertising banners that have been turned into bags.

Waste processing
Not only do we limit waste together with through the Dutch GP recycling system for drinking cups. We make sure that all our waste is collected separately and processed.

Water points
In order to limit the amount of plastic, we have several water points throughout the site where you can fill up your own water bottle.