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Unieke kijkjes achter de schermen
Unieke kijkjes achter de schermen
Unieke kijkjes achter de schermen
Unieke kijkjes achter de schermen
on the Official 538 Dutch Grand Prix Village


To ensure that the Official 538 Dutch Grand Prix Village (hereinafter referred to as ‘Village’) is a place where everyone can have a good time, there are a number of rules that apply to all Village visitors.

Article 1. Legislation and regulations

Dutch legislation and the General Municipal Bye-Law of Zandvoort apply to the Village site. Visitors to the Village must behave in accordance with public order, good morals and decency while on the grounds. Visitors are obliged to comply with the regulations and/or instructions of the organisation, security, medical team and other parties involved in the Village. Threats, abuse, intimidation, discrimination and other forms of aggression are prohibited. The use of (soft) drugs is not permitted. In the event of misconduct, irregularities, urinating in public and/or violation of the house rules, visitors will be removed from the Village grounds. The police will be alerted and a report made if weapons, theft, public violence or other legal violations are found.

Article 2. Own Risk and Liability

Visiting the Village is entirely at your own risk. The Village organisation is not liable for any damage caused by visiting the Village or the loss and/or theft of any property during your visit to the Village. Damage to (temporary) objects or property and people (visitors/personnel) at the event will be recovered from the source.

Article 3. Body search, bag check and identification

The organisation is authorised to search visitors upon entry or during their stay, to inspect hand luggage, bags and/or coats and/or to ask for identification. Refusal to do so may result in denial of entry to the Village and removal from the Village.

Article 4. Entry

Entry to the Village is only possible on presentation of a valid admission ticket, in combination with a valid ID. The minimum age for independent entry to the Village is 18 years. Adolescents must be accompanied by an adult with a valid entry permit. Access to the Village is denied to persons:

  • Who cause nuisance and/or aggression in any form whatsoever.
  • Who are in possession and/or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Those in possession of weapons. In that case, the police are called in.
  • Who cause nuisance to the surroundings in any form.
  • Who wear football club clothes, motorbike club clothes (Outlaw Motorcycle Gang) and/or have clothes with nationalistic signs or
    expressions, with the exception of national football shirts.

The organisation is entitled to refuse visitors or remove them from the grounds if a visitor does not comply with the regulations mentioned in the first article or these house rules. After removal from the grounds, the visitor will no longer have access to the grounds and no claim can be made for any reimbursement of admission tickets, travel expenses and/or any other costs incurred. In the interest of public order and safety, the organisation reserves the right to ask visitors to leave the location at any time for safety reasons. After the event, (re-)admission is then no longer permitted.

Article 5. Prohibited goods

You are not permitted to bring the following into the Village: soft or hard drugs, laughing gas, glassware, knives, laser pens, assault, shock or firearms, weapons that look like or are offensive to weapons, generators, electric heaters or air conditioners, fridges, gas and oil lamps, gas bottles, gas stoves and (disposable) barbecues, aerosols (with the exception of sun lotion, deodorant and perfume), candles, umbrellas (we recommend, as a precaution, we advise you to bring ponchos), musical instruments, horns or similar items, fireworks or torches, provocative expressions on clothing, pets (with the exception of assistance dogs), advertising material such as flyers, folders, banners (unless approved and provided with accreditation by the organisation), professional film, photo or sound equipment (unless approved and provided with accreditation by the organisation), drones (both on the ground and in the air), speakers with a power higher than 30 W, drones (both ground and airborne), (electric) scooters. Other electrical equipment should be suitable for Village use. If equipment is suspected to be the cause of short circuits, it may be confiscated. No more than 1350 watts may be used per accommodation.

All items collected are to be disposed of in the specially provided waste containers and are not to be kept.

Article 6. Food and drink

You are allowed to bring your own food and drink to the camping grounds in the Village. If you want to bring drinks, there is a limit. You can bring a maximum of 4.5 litres of soft drinks and drinks with less than 14.5% alcohol. Liquor is not allowed. All drinks must be sealed and in their original packaging. Glassware is prohibited; this will be strictly controlled at the entrance. The use of BBQ’s, all kinds of gas stoves and open fires are not allowed. Food and drink is available at the Village. Together with our catering partner, we offer a varied range of food and drinks.

Article 7. Alcohol

It is forbidden for visitors under 18 years of age to purchase, accept or consume alcoholic beverages. Show your identification when asked. The organisation reserves the right not to sell alcohol in case of misconduct or drunkenness.

Article 8. Inappropriate intimacies

We want everyone to feel safe at the Official 538 Dutch Grand Prix Village. Therefore, we do not allow sexual harassment. Inappropriate intimacies include statements or actions that are sexually related, such as sexual innuendos, statements or jokes, showing or sending sexually explicit material and unwanted touching. We expect each visitor to treat other staff and other visitors respectfully and professionally. Every visitor is responsible for respecting these rules. If anyone has a complaint about sexual harassment, this complaint will be taken seriously. If a violation is found, action will be taken.

We hope that all visitors feel comfortable visiting the 538 Dutch Grand Prix Village, and expect that everyone will cooperate in creating a safe, respectful working environment for all visitors and staff.

Article 9. Flares

Bringing flares and or other forms of fireworks onto the premises is strictly prohibited. The use of these items is not allowed within the house rules. We ask you to respect this rule to ensure that everyone is safe and no damage is done.

Article 10. Sound Installations

Small portable speakers with a maximum power of 30 Watts on batteries are allowed, provided they do not cause a nuisance to other guests. The production of sound is only permitted between 08.00 hours and 23.30 hours.

Article 11. Waste

We like a clean and healthy living environment. Throw waste into the waste bin and keep the area around your sleeping accommodation clean.

Article 12. Advertising and promotion

It is forbidden to distribute leaflets, flyers or other (advertising) items on and around the grounds without permission of the organisation. It is also not allowed to do interviews, research or (non)commercial promotion without permission of the organisation.

Article 13. Photo and film recording

Photograph, film and sound recordings will be made in the Village. When entering the Village, visitors give their tacit permission to the organisation and third parties to record, reproduce, publish and/or use these recordings for promotional and security purposes. This also includes (camera) registration in the context of maintaining public order and safety on the grounds. Making recordings with professional equipment and/or professional sound equipment by visitors is not allowed without permission or issued accreditation from the organisation. Filming with smartphones and small recording equipment for personal use is allowed.

Article 14. Contact

In the event of a life-threatening situation, call 112.

Article 15. Other

These house rules are subject to any additional security, public order and safety conditions imposed by the government or by decision of the organisation itself. The organisation is therefore at all times authorised to unilaterally amend these house rules and will subsequently publish the amended house rules on the website www.dutchgp.com.

Article 16. Campers

Only APK-approved campers are allowed on the Village. Campers cannot exceed 8 metres in length and must fit into the designated 6×10-metre space. Caravans and cars are not allowed. Due to traffic measures, campers must enter the Village grounds on Thursday. After this, this will no longer be possible. From 05.00 on Monday, campers can leave the Village grounds, not before. No tents may be set up next to the campers. Party tents and awnings are allowed, provided they fit within the dimensions of the compartment. Gas installations with detachable gas cylind rs are not allowed. Barbecuing on the pitch is not permitted. Cycling is not permitted on the Village. However, bikes may be carried by hand.

It is recommended that you bring a power cable of at least 25 metres. It is important that the power connections are well covered against water. Make sure you do not use more than 1350 watts. Electrical equipment should be suitable for Village use (i.e. not an electric heater). Tapping/splitting is not allowed. The organisers are entitled to search visitors upon entry or during their stay and inspect the camper inside and out. If refused, access to the premises of the Village may be denied and there is a risk of being removed from the Village.

Article 17. Unforeseen situation

In situations not provided for in the House Rules, the organisation will decide on possible measures to be taken.



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