Public bus transport

By bus to Circuit Zandvoort


The bus is one of the best options for everyone living in the Amstelland region (Amstelveen, Uithoorn, Aalsmeer) and Haarlemmermeer. This is also a direct and comfortable transport option from Amsterdam Zuidoost. Visitors from outside these regions mainly choose other transport options, which means that you can travel to the circuit by bus comfortably and with less pressure. Connexxion has produced a DGP Day Ticket specially for this event, which will drop you off right in front of the main entrance to Circuit Zandvoort (Gate 2). The day ticket is valid for one person on all Connexxion bus lines in the Amstelland, Meerlanden and Haarlem-IJmond region. See now which hubs and bus routes fall within this region.


Not only can you travel by bus throughout the region of Amstelland, Meerlanden and Haarlem-IJmond, but bus lines 300 (all days) and 356 (Saturday and Sunday) run directly from Haarlem Station to the main entrance of the circuit. Within 14 minutes you can be at Gate 2 from Haarlem Station. Connexxion runs between 10 and 12 times an hour on average, so you never have to wait long for the next bus. Bus lines 300 and 356 run directly to Zandvoort and back towards Haarlem train station during inflow (08:00-12:00) and outflow (after F1 practice, qualification and race), so there is no need to transfer between buses. Don’t wait any longer – book your seat on the bus now!

Conditions of Connexxion DGP Day Ticket

Read the exact terms and conditions of the Dutch Grand Prix Day Ticket here.

Conditions of Connexxion DGP Day Ticket
This bus ticket is valid for one person the entire calendar day in the travel areas Amstelland Meerlanden and Haarlem-IJmond (including direct bus lines 300 and 356 to and from the main entrance of Circuit Zandvoort (Gate 2)). When you order your day ticket, choose the time slot you want to arrive at the circuit in Zandvoort. Do not forget to scan the ticket when entering and leaving the bus. Only a scanned ticket is a valid ticket. This can be done with a smartphone or a printed version. The general conditions for regional transport apply.

The following bus lines are included in the travel areas Amstelland Meerlanden and Haarlem-IJmond:

  • Amstelland Meerlanden: 161 to 663 (including extended bus lines 300 and 356)
  • Haarlem IJmond: 2 to 680