to Circuit Zandvoort

During the race weekend of the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix, thousands of racing fans travel every day to Circuit Zandvoort. With the ambition of becoming the most sustainable race on the Formula 1 calendar, we challenge visitors to choose a sustainable transport option. Moreover, sustainable transport options such as the train, the bus, shared transport or the bike are the fastest and most comfortable way to travel to Zandvoort.

There is also a possibility to board a coach in your neighbourhood and travel to the circuit with a guaranteed seat. Is it difficult to use a sustainable transport option from your home address? Then we have an option for you to park your car at one of the Park+Ride sites in Amsterdam or Amstelveen and then continue your journey by bus to Zandvoort.

Find out how you can best get to Circuit Zandvoort and use the transport tool or check out all the transport options below!

Busy travel times

With more than 100,000 visitors per day travelling to the Dutch Grand Prix, it will be busier than usual in and around Zandvoort. Expect busier access roads, fuller trains and buses, and longer transfer and waiting times. Want to avoid the crowds? Then try to arrive at Circuit Zandvoort outside the busiest arrival times.

The area around Circuit Zandvoort is largely pedestrianised during the race weekend. This means that all visitors will have to cover the last part of their journey on foot, regardless of the means of transport chosen. You and all the other racing fans will cover the last kilometre(s) to the circuit like a true ‘sea of orange’. Along the way, there is also plenty to do with an extensive side events programme.


For visitors who live in or are staying in Zandvoort, Bloemendaal aan Zee or the immediate surroundings of Zandvoort, walking is the best option! You are not dependent on anyone and can easily go anywhere. Moreover, with all the other transport options, you still have to cover part of the journey on foot, which means you will end up taking longer to get there.

Disabled visitors

Special parking and transport options are available for visitors with a ticket for the disabled stand. More information will be sent to these visitors personally. There are no additional (general) disabled parking spaces available in Zandvoort to travel to the circuit with your own vehicle. For the regular disabled visitor, we recommend parking at the Park+Ride in Amsterdam or Amstelveen and then travelling further with Connexxion. Buy your ticket on the ‘public bus transport’ page.


During the event Zandvoort and the surrounding area cannot be reached by taxi. A taxi cannot get closer than 1.5 hours’ walk to the circuit. Should visitors still wish to come by taxi, they must be dropped off at one of the Park+Ride locations in Amsterdam or Amstelveen and then travel by Connexxion bus 300 or 356. Bus tickets can be bought in advance via the Connexxion shop.