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‘Full Throttle” Saturday Pre-Qualifying Show with DJ LA Fuente

After last year’s success Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix will again bring the entertainment live from the track and via 22 large public screens to the seat of the fan. Furthermore, there is a lot to do and to see for fans of all ages during the entire weekend at the Dutch Grand Prix in the Fanzone, on several stages along the track and on 22 big screens. With these 22 screens, the Dutch Grand Prix has the highest screen density per running metre of all F1 circuits on the calendar.

Track as a stage and podium in the Fanzone
Kris Kross Amsterdam, Lucas & Steve, Emma Heesters and Antoon will perform from the specially designed stage in the Arena area (turns 10, 11 and 12), from the ‘Main Straight’ and from a stage in the Fanzone. These performances can also be seen on the 22 screens around the track. The screens will also show a live broadcast of the race, supported by English commentary from good old Bob Constanduros and Dutch language reporting from Guy Geurts.

DJ La Fuente in ‘Full Throttle’ Saturday Pre-Qualificatying Show
On Saturday, the drivers must go full throttle in their fight for pole position. A very exciting moment. In the build-up to this battle, we present ‘Full Throttle Saturday Pre-Qualificatying Show’ with DJ La Fuente as the main act in the Arena. The well-known Dutch DJ is currently scoring an international hit song with ‘I Want You’. His act will be supported by dancers and entertainers at various locations on the track.

RaceDay: Floor Jansen National Anthem and Dutch Grand Prix Event Anthem
Just before the start of the Formula 1 race, Floor Jansen will perform a special version of the Dutch National Anthem accompanied by the Royal Netherlands Air Force Orchestra. Immediately after the award ceremony another world-famous Dutch DJ, presented by Heineken, will entertain the crowds on the award ceremony stage. On Friday September 2nd, we will also present the ‘Event Anthem’ of the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix 2022 by that same artist.

In the Fanzone there is a lot to do for fans of all ages. Here you will find a model Formula 1 car, you can participate in the F1 tyre changing pit stop game, step into the Ferris wheel which offers you a magnificent view over the track and the beach or race virtually over the circuit in one of the many E-sports racing simulators. The Fanzone is also the place to interview some drivers. Names of these drivers will be announced later. And one can enjoy various performances by artists on the Fanzone stage. Finally, Radio 538 is there to create a live radio broadcast from the Fanzone, with well-known race fans, artists and friends of the show. With this, the radio station brings the atmosphere from the race festival to the listeners at home.

The event experience is complete with Zandvoort Beyond
For all visitors who don’t want to go straight home after the event, there is more on offer in the village of Zandvoort. ‘Zandvoort Beyond’ offers a very complete range of side events throughout the month of August, just like during the race weekend. See the program here: