Max Verstappen opens new Circuit Zandvoort with Red Bull F1 car

With less than 60 days to go, Formula 1 returns to Zandvoort. The lights will turn green for the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix on 3 May. After four months of renovating, improving, speeding up and widening, this legendary track is now ready for the world of Formula 1 and ready for the Ultimate Race Festival. On March 4, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing superstar Max Verstappen drove the Legendary Lap in a Red Bull F1 car and opened the Circuit Zandvoort.

Verstappen was lyrical and said: “I’m here for the official opening of the new Zandvoort circuit in the RB8 F1 car. All in all, it was very special.”

“I liked it very much. In particular turn three and the last turn, that banking feels very special and there are many different lines that you can take in the turn. Really interesting.”

“The nice thing about turn 3 for example, is that it is so banked, that the inside of the corner completely falls away. When you arrive there, you don’t see the inside at all because you are sitting so low in the car. And then … you take the rest of the turn, that’s really very different from what you’re used to.”

“In general, it makes me very proud to drive here. I am really looking forward to the race in Zandvoort. I see the enthusiasm of my fans on the other circuits and it can only get better during the Dutch Grand Prix.”


Max Verstappen in the RB8 in the Hugenholtz Corner / T3 (picture: Chris Schotanus)

VolkerWessels transforms the circuit in four months
In record time VolkerWessels has very thoroughly transformed the new circuit into a track that the entire motorsport world is looking forward to with curiosity. This is mainly due to the two new spectacular banked corners in combination with the classic track. The first banked corner is the Hugenholtz turn (T3) and is the most extreme corner. Another novelty is the banked Arie Luyendijk corner (T14). Other noticeable improvement is the pit stop exit. Drivers now only re-enter the track after the Tarzan curve.

Progressive parabolic curves
The current F1 drivers are all very curious about the track that was designed by Italian track designer Jarno Zaffelli from Dromo. The progressive parabolic bend of the Arie Luyendijk corner (T14) has a slope of 15-18 degrees or a maximum of 32% slope. In addition, the slope of turn 3 is even more progressive, relatively flat on the inside, but even steeper up the bend. Numbers there are: 5-19 degrees or a maximum of 34% slope.

Max Verstappen at the start from his Legendary Lap (picture: Wouter Kingma)

“You can’t experience such a turn anywhere else”
Sporting Director of the Dutch Grand Prix Jan Lammers is very satisfied. “The circuit was prepared the current Grand Prix demands in a very short time. For example, the run-off area of the Gerlach corner has been enlarged for safety. The Hugenholtz has become a banked corner, allowing two F1 cars to compete next to each other at the same speed to accelerate more quickly towards the Scheivlak. And then, that blind turn to the right, diagonally down through the dunes.”

According to Lammers, that is one of the most spectacular rides of this circuit for drivers. “There is no other way to experience such a turn.” And then as a bouncer De Arie Luyendyk bend through which the cars can ride through each other at a higher speed along the straight end. In short: it has become fantastic.”

From 1 May, Dive into the Sea of ​​Orange
On Friday, May 1, the hundred thousand fans but also all F1 drivers will experience it. Then the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix starts with the Jumbo Super Friday. The first day will be dominated by free practice and all teams look forward to gaining valuable experience for one of the most appealing races of the year.