How do I personalize my tickets?

In order to receive your ticket(s) for the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix 2022, it is mandatory to put them in your name. Unfortunately, all popular events have to deal with black market issues. To prevent our visitors from paying too much for a ticket, tickets must therefore be registered by name.


All tickets purchased by you as ticket buyer can be found in the MyDGP environment. The ticket buyer can log in to this portal with the same email address that was used to order the tickets. In the MyDGP environment you can then invite the fans who are travelling with you to have their tickets registered! As soon as a ticket is registered, the person will receive a confirmation email. You can read how this process works in the step-by-step plan below.

Attention: kids tickets and accessibility + companion tickets do not need to be personalised.

Log in to your My-DGP account

If you have bought a multiple day ticket, you will receive one ticket that can be used for several days. It is not possible to put a multiple day ticket on different names. You can transfer this ticket to the person who will attend the Dutch Grand Prix on the different days

Stappenplan ticketpersonalisatie

Tip: personalising the tickets is easiest on a PC! Do you have a MacBook? Then it is easier to open the personalisation process in Safari.

Ticket distribution

The e-tickets will be added to the MyDGP environment as of 16 August, provided that all your tickets are personalised. You will receive an automatic message about this. The ticket details will also be available in the MyDGP environmentPlease note: the ticket buyer will receive all tickets from the order. He/she remains at all times responsible for the distribution of the tickets.

Have you received a message that a ticket has been successfully added to your name? Then you can find this in the MyDGP environment. You can log in using the same e-mail address that was used to personalise the ticket in question. You will then find the overview via ‘My Tickets’ in the menu bar followed by ‘Orders’.

Change personal data

If you want to change the name on a ticket, you can do this in the MyDGP environment. The ticket buyer must log in and reset the ticket under ‘My Tickets’. Please read the instructions in the MyDGP environment.

Do you want to change your personal data? You can do this through your account in the MyDGP environment. If you want to make changes to the email address that is linked to a particular ticket, we ask you to send an email to our ticket partner at


All seats in the grandstand will be assigned automatically. All tickets from one order are placed next to each other if they are on the same stand. Different order numbers cannot be linked together.

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