You have until Dec. 10, 11:59 p.m. to pay for the allocated tickets.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Your assigned order cannot be changed. We ask you to settle this order so that you remain entitled to your tickets.

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel your entered tickets. You made a payment commitment while applying for the process. So we also ask you to pay for these tickets. At the end of March 2023 the official resell platform will open again on our website. On this resell platform you can resell the tickets in a safe and fair way.

Every order of max. 6 tickets on the same stand and in the same price category will be placed together, provided the order is received as one. It is not possible to place two different orders next to each other.

Keep an eye on our website for the latest news regarding disabled tickets. At the moment these are not on sale. These sales will be through our partner HandicapNL.

Unfortunately, the tickets for the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix 2023 are sold out.

However, from January 2022, it will be possible to buy (extra) tickets through our official resell platform. On this platform other race fans can resell their tickets safely and this is available until two weeks before the event. Please note that if you already have tickets and buy an extra ticket for the same day, these orders cannot be combined and therefore cannot be placed next to each other on the grandstand. This is due to the large number of tickets that have been sold.

The adjusted payment terms for the 3-year tickets are:

  • 1st term 2022 - beginning of June 2021
  • 2nd term 2022 - end of October 2021
  • 3rd term 2022 - beginning of January 2022
  • 1st term 2023 - beginning of April 2022
  • 2nd term 2023 - end of October 2022
  • 3rd term 2023 - end of January 2023


You will of course receive an email about this payment well in advance.

Yes, you can personalize the tickets up to 10 days before the event. Personalize the tickets as soon as possible so everyone with whom you come to the Dutch Grand Prix, so everyone will be fully informed about the latest news and will get access to the DutchGP Club.

Putting the tickets in your name is mandatory. All popular events unfortunately have to deal with black market. To prevent our visitors from paying too much for a ticket, tickets must therefore be registered by name. In addition, everyone who has a ticket in his / her name gets access to the exclusive DutchGP Club with lots of benefits.

No, unfortunately ticket orders purchased at different times cannot be linked.

If you do not succeed in logging you can request a new password for the email address known to us via this link. In the case that this does not work, please send an email with your user email address to our ticket partner CM.com at support@cmtickets.com.

Your tickets remain valid for the postponed first edition in 2021 and for the races of 2022 and 2023. For the postponed first edition of the Formula Heineken Dutch Grand Prix in 2021 you have the choice to keep your ticket or apply for a refund. On June 2nd you will receive an email to view and manage your tickets and to make your choice.

The MyDGP account is only available for ticket holders who have purchased their tickets for the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix on our official Dutch Grand Prix website and for everyone who has a ticket in his or her name. If you do not succeed in logging into your MyDGP account, please contact our ticket partner CM.com via Whatsapp by sending a message to +31 762012630. Please note that they cannot be reached by phone at this number.

Please find the official resellers of the Dutch Grand Prix below:

  • Motorsport Tickets
  • F1.com
  • Goo Tickets
  • Der Touristik
  • Rapido Travel / Top Tours
  • GP Ticketshop
  • BeResor
  • F1 Experiences
  • Grand Prix Events
  • Grand Prix Tickets
  • K-Rejser

Yes, it is possible to save all the data in the meantime and fill it in at a later time. Please note: you only will get access to the DutchGP Club when all required fields of this person have been filled in and the process has been saved or completed in between.

You can change your gender and email address yourself by logging into your MyDGP account with the email address that was used to personalize your ticket(s).

You can easily have your name, email address and phone number changed by the main ticket booker. He/she can reset your ticket in the MyDGP account via 'Orders' and change the data with the correct data.

Click here for an overview of all the prices. The prices are calculated including 9% VAT. The handling fee is calculated including 21% VAT.

A personal platform for ticket holders in which tickets can be viewed and managed. All ticket holders will receive a link to create an account by e-mail.

Registering your tickets in your name is mandatory. Besides that, everyone who has a ticket in his/her name will get access to the exclusive DutchGP Club with a lot of advantages.

If you have made a mistake when entering the details of a fellow visitor and have saved these details, he or she can then adjust the name and address details themselves in their own MyDGP-account. Please note: this does not apply to the name and e-mail address.

You can adjust the name and e-mail address yourself from the end of October. If this does not work, you can contact our ticket partner CM.com via Whatsapp by sending a message to +31 762012630. Please note that they cannot be reached by phone at this number.

From the first week of July, it is possible to put your tickets in your name.

The order of tickets can be found your MyDGP account. The tickets will only be issued as soon as they have been registered in your name. You will receive the digital tickets a few weeks before the event in order to prevent under the table trade as much as possible. The confirmation received guarantees the tickets and is also transferable to third parties. Once the tickets have been registered, you can always resell them yourself (provided the price does not exceed the price stated in the confirmation, including the handling fee). From the 1st of August 2020, as an extra service, the official resell platform will go live for all ticket holders. This way, we organize an easy and safe environment to sell your tickets.

It is possible that the e-mail ended up in the spam box. Didn't receive an email? Then send an email to info@dutchgp.com.

If your personal details are not correct, please contact our ticket partner CM via WhatsApp on +31 762012630. They can adjust your personal details. Please note that they cannot be reached by phone at this number. Please also include your order number in your message.

Once you have paid for your tickets, you will not be able to cancel or return them. From the moment of purchase there is a cancellation fee of 100%. Other conditions may apply only in the case of cancellation of the entire event. Please refer to our general and booking conditions in the application portal.

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