Euphoria in Zandvoort

The sold-out second day of the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix 2022 was successful. After the last free practice session of Formula 1 took place around noon, the 105,000 spectators and drivers got ready for much anticipated qualifying session. The excitement was increased beforehand by an explosive show by DJ La Fuente. That show, in combination with Max Verstappen conquering pole position in qualifying, brought the many Dutch fans into ecstasy. Worth mentioning; none of the regular visitors to the race weekend came by car; public transport and cycling are embraced en masse.

‘Full Throttle’ qualifying show ramps up tension
In the build-up to the qualification, today DJ La Fuente performed as the headliner on the Heineken stage in the Arena, specially designed for this location. The well-known Dutch DJ, who scored an international hit last month with the song ‘I Want You’, was supported with special effects, dancers and entertainers. DJ La Fuente: “So super cool to be able to enjoy the mega atmosphere that arises here in this way. Unique! Nice to have a podium on the track… Everything comes together; the passion for music, love for cars and ‘I Want You’ that never ceases to amaze. Thank you for this honour!”

Mobility plan works optimally
The mobility plan of the Dutch GP organization is working optimally this year. The majority of the 105,000 visitors came by train or bus (42%) or by bicycle (37%). Transport by coach is gaining in popularity to 10% this year. This keeps Zandvoort easily accessible during the race weekend and contributes to the ambition to make the infrastructure around the Circuit Zandvoort as sustainable as possible.

Orange is also green
Robert van Overdijk, director of Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix, is very satisfied: “Apart from the fact that I am personally very enthusiastic that Max Verstappen has achieved such a fantastic result again, I am also very satisfied with how the day went. The incident with the flare, which ended up on the track during qualifying, has been adequately resolved. The atmosphere was again good. And I am happy that our mobility plan is working and that people are coming to the track in large numbers with sustainable means of transport. As far as we’re concerned, orange is also green. The focus on sustainability is very important to us and we would like to be a frontrunner in this. On to race day tomorrow!”