About the Dutch Grand Prix

Mainstage Mania

Of course, we are really proud of our sporting heroes in The Netherlans, but they are not the only ones our small country is famous for. Every year, our Dutch DJs are on top of the rankings of the world’s best DJs. Together with the best Dutch DJs and artists, we will be celebrating a huge party during the F1 Dutch Grand Prix. Throughout the weekend, visitors will be able to enjoy the best entertainment to be found in The Netherlands.


Sea of orange

Viewing figures continue to rise and Dutch race fans are travelling all over the world to watch him in action. Max Verstappen’s success in Formula 1 has converted everyone in The Netherlands to race fans! This already led to full orange stands in Austria, Belgium and Spain. And now, Max mania can reach new limits in his own country! In addition to the Red Bull Racing team, major race teams like Ferrari and Mercedes with world champions Vettel and Hamilton are coming to Zandvoort as well. Roaring engines, screeching tires and thousands of racing fans in the stands in the Netherlands; a dream come true for Dutch racing fans!

Jan Lammers sporting director

Former racing driver Jan Lammers grew up in Zandvoort and has been visiting the circuit since his childhood days. The sporting director of the F1 Dutch Grand Prix can hardly wait for the race event in his home country. “I am immensely proud that, following the last race in 1985, we can announce the return of Formula 1 to The Netherlands. A fantastic event in the year in which Formula 1 is celebrating its 70th anniversary. As the sporting director, but first and foremost as a race fan, I am really looking forward to this moment. Something we in The Netherlands can be proud of and that we are able to share with the rest of the world! Surely this is something nobody will want to miss.”

Amsterdam Beach

Zandvoort ‘Beach for Amsterdam’

Zandvoort is very popular among tourists. The seaside resort attracts no less than five million one-day visitors per year thanks to its beautiful beaches and surroundings. On top of that, Zandvoort is really close to Amsterdam, the best-visited city in The Netherlands. As a result, Zandvoort is also known as Zandvoort ‘Beach for Amsterdam’. Therefore, Zandvoort is ideal to combine the race weekend with a day at the beach or a trip to our lively capital. There will also be many side events at and around the race track throughout the weekend, so race fans will definitely be able to enjoy themselves.