For most people who live, work or reside here, there are no accessibility measures that they need to take into account. Only people who live, work or reside in the so-called DGP Ring 3 need a special permit in the form of a mirror hanger. This mirror hanger is only needed during the race weekend from 2 to 4 September. You can see where these rings are located on the map.

DGP Ring 3

DGP Ring 3 is divided into eleven different zones, all marked with a colour. All these zones can only be accessed by car with a special mirror hanger. All residents and companies that live or work in these zones will receive this hanger prior to the race weekend. With this hanger, you can enter the zone by car via a designated access point from outside this ring. When you use this access point, you will arrive at your destination the quickest. The access roads per zone are shown on the map above and named again below.

Blue zone
Enter the zone from the Kleverlaan to the Bloemendaalseweg.

Dark green zone
Access from N208 to Zijlweg.

Yellow zone
Access from N208 to Vlaamseweg.

Orange zone
From Julianalaan, turn left into the Bloemendaalseweg or Ernst Casimirlaan.

Pink zone
From Dompvloedslaan take the road to Ter Hoffsteedeweg.

Light green zone
From Sleedoornweg turn into Oosterduinweg.

Brown zone
Access from the N201 to the Bentveldweg.

Purple zone
Access from N201 to Duindoornlaan, Grenslaan.

Red zone
Access from the N206 to Nachtegalenlaan.

Grey zone
Access from the N201 to the Koeduinweg.