To keep Zandvoort and Bloemendaal aan Zee easily accessible for everyone who lives, works or resides in this area, certain accessibility measures apply from 05:00 Thursday night until 05:00 Monday. During this period Zandvoort and Bloemendaal aan Zee are only accessible by car/motorbike with a special permit. All people who live, work or reside in this area and/or have a parking permit, have their car registered in Zandvoort or park their car/motorbike on their own property are entitled to a permit.

Because visitors cannot reach the circuit by car/motorbike, they are encouraged to take other means of transport to Zandvoort. Many visitors will travel to Zandvoort by train. Because of this, all railway crossings between Amsterdam Central Station and Zandvoort are closed (also at night). This has consequences for the accessibility of the Zandvoort Noord district. The route to enter and exit this area is via the N201, Boulevard Barnaart, the roundabout of the Burgemeester van Alphenstraat to the Van Lennepweg. Other neighborhoods and streets that have to take traffic measures are:


– The Van Speijkstraat is closed. Residents can still park in the street, but may only use their vehicles during the inflow and outflow in the event of an emergency.
– Keesomstraat, Metzgerstraat and Celsiusstraat will be one-way traffic. In the morning towards the circuit and in the evening towards the south.
– The one-way traffic Metzgerstraat will be reversed.


– Kostverlorenstraat will be one-way in the morning towards the sea and in the afternoon towards Zandvoortselaan.
– The Zeestraat will be closed off from the Burgemeester Engelbertstraat towards the east.
– The Gasthuisplein, the Kleine Krocht and the Raadhuisplein are closed by Zandvoort Beyond.
– The Tolweg will get one-way traffic towards the south.

Furthermore, the Formula 1 Heinken Dutch Grand Prix has rented a number of car parks in Zandvoort and Bloemendaal aan Zee for the reception of guests (Formula 1, partners, etc.) and special target groups (media, disabled, etc.). This concerns the following locations:

– Boulevard Barnaart (BB1 from 22-8; BB2-3 and 8-9 from 30-8; BB4-7 from 1-9 and BB10 from 2-9)
– Parking De Favaugeplein (from 31-8 22:00)
– Car park Centrum (LDC – max 200 spaces from2-9)
– Ir.Friedhoffplein (from2-9)
– Parking Zandvoort De Zuid (from 30-8 1.1.00 spaces; from 2-9 complete)

There are also (limited) parking prohibitions in the following streets because of the flow of visitors to the event or because of the placement of a bicycle or moped parking for visitors:

– Westerparkstraat
– Jonkheer P.N. Quarles van Uffordlaan
– Eltzbacherstraat
– Stationsplein
– Flemingstraat
– Jacobus P. Thijsseweg
– Kamerlingh Onnesstraat
– Kochstraat

All these measures are announced at least 2 weeks prior to the Dutch Grand Prix and are in principle valid during the event.

See also the most important closures, accesses, visitor flows and arrival and departure locations of residents in the map of Zandvoort below.